Noah’s Ark Checks

This simple design depicts the story of Noah’s Ark. The images are by artist Lorrie Weber. There are two (2) images, one has Noah and the other the Ark.

Christian Family Values

These checks have 3 images and scriptures that honor God and demonstrate the values that are at the heart of Christian faith, including church and prayer.

Bible Reflection Checks

These religious checks feature four (4) pictures, each with a cross and scripture. These are beautiful checks that are Inspiring, touching, and for believers.

Trust in the Lord Checks

Personal checks provide a daily reminder of his love. You will love and appreciate the touching portrait of Jesus, with a thoughtful quote from the scriptures.

NEW DAY Personal Checks

Simple, powerful check design. Each has a beautiful image of a sunrise, the promise of a new day. There are 4 images and each check has an inspiring message.

Bible Verse Checks

These checks have inspirational Bible verses across the top of each check and bordered in flowers. It is almost, as if, the check is wrapped in flowers.

Heaven on Earth Checks

You are going to love these Christian personal checks with images by Thomas Kinkade. Each image is paired with inspirational message to remind you of God’s love

“Forgiven” Personal Checks

Christian checks have 4 images and each reminds us that it is by God’s grace that we are saved. Each image is a touching reminder of that grace that we receive.

The Lord is My Shepherd Checks

Christian checks capture the comfort and enduring quality of Psalms 23. There are additional designs and scriptures in this design that are equally comforting.

Enduring Faith Checks

These Christian checks have a simple, but powerful design. These checks have the Ichthus fish symbol in the upper left hand corner of each of these personal checks.

Country Churches Checks

Personal checks featuring illustrations by Thomas Kinkade. The checks depict country churches that are nestled into their surroundings. Each has a Bible quote

Virgin Mary Checks

Christian checks have a beautiful illustration of the Virgin Mary by artist Hector Garrido. A beautiful way to honor the Virgin Mary’s presence here on earth

Lion and Lamb Checks

God’s peace will bring comfort and peace in all of the land. These checks tell that story with the image of a lion lying down with the lamb.

Prayers of Serenity Checks

These checks remind us that God has given us the natural world and that we are Stewards of that world. The images featured are by Rodney Lough, Jr.

Angel Kisses

Checks feature the sweet innocence of a little angel’s kiss. There is little room to dispute either the beauty or the inspirational value of these images.

Jesus, Light of the World Checks

The soft beauty of pastoral settings and the luminous presence of Jesus Christ grace each of these Christian checks and allows you to share your faith.

Footprints in the Sand Checks

Christian checks that evoke a wellspring of comfort for you! Inspired by the timeless comfort of the beloved Footprints in the Sand poem

Gifts from Heaven Checks

Christian checks highlight the natural beauty that God has given his children to enjoy and care for. These personal checks have images of beautiful flowers.

Scripture Checks

Christian checks with 4 Bible verses that rotate through the design. Each verse offers a powerful message by providing the great plan of salvation.

Bible Checks

Features a Bible opened wide, which is set against a background of clouds. At the top of the picture is a large light spilling out from the opened Bible.

Angels of Hope Checks

Christian checks featuring illustrations of Angels that capture the warmth of these divine creatures and spread hope. 4 illustrations of inspiring angels.

Angels of Grace Checks

These religious checks feature touching images of holy angels. The checks silently bear witness to the beauty and grace of these heavenly beings.

Encouraging Scripture

God gave us uplifting and encouraging words to help Christians through difficult times. These religious checks feature many of those encouraging bible verses.

God and Country Checks

These Christian checks emphasize the long spiritual history that our […]

Cross My Heart Checks

These Christian checks feature the most important and beautiful image […]

Children’s Prayer

These checks depict images of children learning to pray, as […]

Light the Way Christian Checks

These Christian checks have a theme – that God’s love […]

Symbols of Faith Checks

As Christians, there are certain symbols that touch us and […]

Thy Name Checks

These christian checks feature some of the names given to […]

Faith, Hope, and Love Checks

These christian checks contain scripture that emphasizes the trinity of […]

Tranquility Christian Checks

Christians who walk with the Lord understand tranquility. While we […]

Blessings Checks

These Christian checks feature the words of scripture on each […]

Psalms Checks

These religious checks feature beautiful images of creation, including the […]

Footprints Checks

These christian checks and accessories bring to life the uplifting […]

Amazing Grace Checks

Angels adorn these colorful checks. These messengers of the Lord […]

Scripture Checks

These religious checks combine the beauty of the natural world […]

Spread the Word

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15.

We hope that the scriptures and images on these religious checks will touch your heart and the hearts of everyone that receives these checks.

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